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Driving School Breda

Your key to freedom.

Driving School Breda is a renowned driving lessons expert near Breda. We are a driving school focussed on our students. Every student is treated in a personal and professional way and is fully guided by his or her personal driving instructor. Getting your driver’s license is a once in a lifetime experience, and we try to guide you along the way as well as possible.

Starting your driving lessons in Breda

When starting driving lessons you’ll learn several new skills. To grow into a confident and profound driver you’ll need a capable driving instructor. We are a student-focussed driving school. At Driving School Breda you’ll get a personal instructor who will guide you along the way.

There are a lot of driving schools to choose from. Driving school Breda has an above-average succession rate.

Driving School Breda has been giving affordable driving lessons near Breda, Den Bosch, Tilburg, Eindhoven, Hilvarenbeek, and Waalwijk for years. We’d like to prepare you as well as we can. Interested? Contact us through the button below

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Why Driving School Breda?

Our slogan says it all: “Steering you in the right direction.” Driving School Breda guides you along the way. It is our mission to offer every student the coveted pink driver’s license at the end of the way. You’ll get a fully customized lessons package suited to you! Together we’ll make you a confident and adequate driver.

Do you want to get your driver’s license quickly? Then our crash course is a perfect match to quickly get your license. Do you have little time and are you only able to take lessons during the evenings? That’s fine with us! We drive on weekdays as well as evenings and weekends. And all that without extra fees. Transparent and affordable driving lessons at Driving School Breda.

Crash course drivers license Breda

We offer accelerated and affordable driving lessons. Our crash makes it possible to get your driver’s license in 10 days. Perfect for when you want to get on the road quickly.

To start our crash course you’ll have to be in possession of your theoretic certificate. Next, we’ll apply for a health declaration and plan the date for your driver’s exam.

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Driving schools near Breda

Breda is a big city, and it has lots of driving schools and students. There are lots to choose from. It is important to not only pick an affordable driving school but a good one as well. While taking driving lessons you’ll need to have a good understanding with your instructor. After all, you’ll be spending many hours together and he or she will teach you to be a capable driver.

Driving School Breda is a renowned driving school that will get you your license. Of course, we think of ourselves as capable instructors. That way you can decide if our driving school is a match.

Driving license automatic car Breda

Are you unable to drive a car with a manual transmission? Then obtaining an automatic driving license may be the ultimate solution. Also for taking automatic driving lessons in Breda and the surrounding area you have come to the right place at driving school Breda. Our automatic driving lessons help people who have difficulty driving a car with manual transmission. Also for people who have fear of failure or other medical reasons, this can be an ideal solution. Please note! Having an automatic driving license only gives an exemption for driving automatic cars in Breda. So with an automatic driving license, you are NOT allowed to drive manually in Breda!

You will receive the automatic driving license once you have successfully completed the automatic driving lessons in Breda. It has a code 78 on it, which indicates that it is an automatic driving license. With the help of our experienced instructors, we provide a good way of guidance during the automatic driving lessons Breda. Our automatic driving lessons in Breda ensure that everyone can become a confident and safe driver.

Packages and prices

What are the costs of getting your license at driving school Breda? We think it’s important that getting a drivers license is accessible to everyone. That’s why we offer many different packages which you can pay in installments. You can combine the packages to buy (extra) lessons.

Keep up your progress in our app, get your homework assignments and appointment confirmations through the app.

Speed Package

✔ 10 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

Theory Course

Theory Exam

Interim Exam


Driver Package

✔ 20 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

Theory Course

Theory Exam

Interim Exam


Study Bulbs

✔ 25 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

✔ Theory Course

✔ Theory Exam

Interim Exam


Super Driver

✔ 35 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

✔ Theory Course

✔ Theory Exam

Interim Exam


Drive Your Way

✔ 40 Driving Lessons

✔ Practical Exam CBR

✔ Theory Course

✔ Theory Exam

✔ Interim Exam


Extra options

✔ Refresh course: 5 lessons = 300,-

✔ Single Exam = €285,-

✔ Single Interim Test = €255,-

✔ Single BNOR Exam = €320,-

✔ Single Performance Anxiety Exam = €315,-

Exam information

Theory exam drivers license B

Before examining your driving skills at Driving School Breda you have to take a theoretic exam at CBR. This can be done from the age of 16 and up. We can apply for the theoretical exam at CBR.

The theoretic exam tests on hazard perception, traffic rules, and traffic insight. You have to master these 3 components to drive the roads safely and take driving lessons.

The costs for the theoretical exam are €34.50. If necessary you can apply for the anxiety of dyslexia version. You’ll get extra exam time and some questions will be read to you. These versions of the theoretic exam come with a small fee.

Interim exam driving license B

An interim exam is a trial exam examining you the same way a normal driver’s exam would. That way you can get used to the regular exam. The examiner will give you several tips for the real exam, that you can practice during your driving lessons. This way you can prepare yourself as well as possible for the real deal. When you accomplish the special proceedings part of the test you’ll even get an exemption for these at your real exam.

What to bring to your interim test?

  • A valid ID
  • The CBR’s invitation
  • The self-reflection form

Our graduates

Practical exam drivers license B

Are your Driving School Breda instructor, and you ready for the real deal? Then you can apply at the CBR for your practical examination. You can take your practical exam if you are in possession of your theoretic certificate, the driving school has authorized your application, and you have a health certificate. The minimum age for your practical exam is 17 years old. When you pass your practical examination you’ll be able to apply for a driver’s license in Breda.

Performance anxiety examination

When to apply for a performance anxiety examination? You can apply for this exam when you experience severe anxiety or are too nervous to shows what you can do during your driving lessons.

The differences between a regular exam and a performance anxiety version are as follows: You’ll be examined the same way as with the regular exam, but the performance anxiety version gives you more time. You’ll have 80 minutes instead of 35 to examine the drivers exam. That way you can take up to 1 break if the nerves are too much to handle.

Our other locations

We offer our lessons in different languages and locations. Our English lessons are also offered in Tilburg and Eindhoven. Our Dutch lessens are offered in Best, Breda, Helmond, Tilburg and Waalwijk.

Driving School Breda

Breda is a city located in the province of North Brabant. It contains some other villages, like Teteringen. Because of Breda’s central location, our instructors also give lessons in towns nearby.

Driving School Breda is located near a freeway, which makes it easily accessible. Because of this, you’ll be able to test your driving skills on many types of roads during your driving lessons. You’ll become a confident and capable driver!

Nearby schools are as followed: Avans, BUas, and ROC college. For students, we offer great flexibility in lesson days and times. You’ll be able to take your lessons during weekends, weekdays or even between classes.

We will be seeing you soon at Driving School Breda!

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